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Healthy food that makes you feel better”

                Food is an important part of feeling comfortable, especially for the students’ community. The Mercy community does its best to provide standard-quality food services to its students. We are proud to serve the school community and are dedicated to preparing healthy, wholesome, nutritiouswell-balanced meals from breakfast through dinner that meet the needs of today's active students.Under the direct purview of the kitchen supervisor and the kitchen staff, the department is providing 24/7 food services to the students and the school staff during the school vacation. The monthly food menu is displayed in the kitchen department, and the boys’ and girls’ hostel, in addition to that, facilities have been arranged for students so they can choose their preferred foods by informing the kitchen supervisor.     

IT Lab

                Computers, which have become a modern necessity of present-day life, have been inducted into school education, so that the student may learn about them right from the very beginning of his/her life.
Our school has a grand set-up of computers starting from class grade 06 to grade 13 also practical lessons are provided by experienced tutors. The lab is fully equipped with hardware and software resources. The school has the latest configuration computers and peripherals so that students can also work in the multimedia environment. For hardware maintenance, a competent IT technician has been assigned the responsibilities.


            The institute has a well-stocked library where students do their studies and borrow reading material. The library has over five thousand wide variety of pass pepper books, folk tales, subject-wise educational books, and religious books are also available to students. The school library plays a great role in the life of students by serving as the storehouse of knowledge. The institute also encourages students to get maximum use of the library.


Classroom facilities and the school

            Unique classroom systems are implemented by the school administration from the commencement of Mercy as separate schools for boys and girls are available on twenty-five acres of greenery and a peaceful atmosphere place. The management is maintaining the value of Islam and its guiding principle is the main part of its culture in the MEC family. Classes are available from primary to grade 13 and lessons are taught by the experienced teacher panel