Madurankuli, Puttalam Colombo Road, Sri Lanka +94 (32) 2 268401/2

Mercy Vocational Training Center is annually producing technicians in the trades of Electrical Power, Plumbing, Welding, Automobile Mechanic and Air-conditioning& Refrigeration.  So far it has supplied more than 700 to the labour market. During the academic year 2022/203 it has produced another 85technicians. These technicians after successfully completing one-year full time value based training had a farewell party on the 7th of this month to honour their teachers and other officers who have sacrificed themselves to bring them to a position that is socially and professionally accepted level. These trainees, though they were very happy that they have completed the course on one hand and they were very sad on the other hand to leave their friends and the training center. During the farewell party they expressed their gratitude to all those have worked directly and indirectly for their success.